Energize your workout.

Total Body Workouts!

Small group semi-private morning sessions make having a personal trainer affordable, and motivating!

Early Morning and Evening Classes Available

Small group semi-private sessions starting as early as 5 a.m. or as late at 6 pm. Monday through Friday. Working out with friends makes fitness way more enjoyable, and motivating! I pride myself on creating a fun, positive, energetic vibe. I also makes having a personal trainer affordable for everyone, and realistic with flexible class times. Nutritional counseling is always included at no extra charge. 


Best Shape of Your Life

I write a new program for each week, and you will never do the same class twice. Every day is a new challenge, but its all very scalable. I modify each workout to your ability, and we will naturally progress from there. My main goal is to never let your body or your MIND, get bored with your workouts. Most of the workouts are short and intense, however I like to do a variety of different workout formats. You will do weight, interval, HIIT, core, balance, flexibility and endurance training. I try to find that inner athlete in each one of my clients, and I know how to get results fast. 


Injury Prevention

I am fully Certified in Corrective Exercise by The Biomechanics Method. I focus on creating well rounded balanced workouts to keep my clients injury free. In addition if you are dealing with any nagging injuries in the body I can help.  I have rehabilitated several clients and was able to get them back to full capacity.