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Heidi Stewart
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I am a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  As a woman who has struggled with  my own weight for most of my life I understand how emotional and personal this journey can be. It is not just about the size of your jeans, or that number on the scale. It is a personal battle we wage when it comes to our weight and our body image. We struggle daily to make the right choices for our bodies, our health, and our emotional well being. I understand the need to find that inner peace within yourself and with your body. I can show you how to take control of your health, your food, and your own self image to finally find that inner happiness that comes with feeling good about yourself. There is a joy in finding your own self worth and confidence that only comes with being truly fit and healthy. Mind, body and soul.

In 2005 I weighed in at 270 pounds and I decided it was time to get my life back. Since then I have been on a journey that started out about weight loss, but along the way became so much more. On this journey I not only lost 130 pounds, I developed a love for health and fitness. I discovered my true self under all that weight, and I was able to grow and find the happiness in myself that I never knew was there. I found a strength in myself I never knew I had. I have learned so much about health and fitness along the way, that it has filled me with a great desire to pass this information on to others. I want to help and inspire those people that are still struggling. I have a passion for health and fitness now that I want to share with the world. In 2012 I set out to get certified so I could bring all my passion and education together, and into the lives of those who needed me most.

I obtained my certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I am a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Since 1987, the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has been a global leader in providing evidence-based certifications and advanced credentials to health and fitness professionals. The education I obtained at The National Academy of Sports Medicine along with knowledge I have acquired on my own personal journey has made me a fitness & nutrition expert that can help you finally get your weight and your health on track. Together let's find your happy, healthy life!

I can help you:

  • Assess your physical condition and track changes
  • Set goals
  • Make a nutritional plan and learn better eating habits
  • Learn proper strength training technique
  • Improve endurance
  • Find motivation
  • Improve your appearance
  • Feel better
  • Improve your health
  • Gain muscle and lose fat
  • Tone up
  • Improve mental alertness
  • Reach your goals

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